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The ethos behind L33

A website is like a marriage – it needs to be worked at to keep it fresh!

Next year I am getting married. There’s a lot to do to prepare for the big day, and I’m really excited to finally be getting hitched. All the planning for the big day has made me think about our company ethos at L33, and how our approach to working with our clients is very much like a marriage.

This is because just like a marriage, a client relationship should be a long-term commitment based on trust, respect, and a deep mutual understanding. Just like a marriage, we believe in establishing a relationship with the client and then building on it gradually over time.

We are not a ‘conveyor belt’ agency. We don’t take the build them fast and sell them cheap approach. Too many web design agencies rely on templates, building websites as quickly as possible, without gaining any real insight into the long-term strategic goals of the client. Once the site is live, they are on to the next project. The client is given no after care. These client relationships tend to end in divorce quite quickly, as no real foundation has been built for a lasting meaningful relationship. We think both parties lose out here – the client doesn’t get good service, and is left feeling dumped, and the agency misses out on a long-term relationship that could have led to lots more creative and rewarding work.

Unlike these ‘shotgun wedding’ agencies, we feel that getting the site live is just the beginning. Once ‘married’, we and the client have a lifetime of working on the relationship together, adapting our approach, learning and growing together. Once a website is built, we don’t consider this to be the end product, this is just the beginning. We then build on the strong foundations we have established with the client, ensuring the site is given regular content updates and news feeds, with social media posts to highlight these to the right audiences and drive traffic back to the site.

The design of the site is reviewed and monitored, with analytics to track which pages are working for the audience and which aren’t. We will learn to respond and adapt to improve the site, ensuring every aspect of it, from the design, to the functionality, content and hosting, is optimised. We will track the number of visitors, the bounce rate, and the social interactions, and continue to improve the site.

We think this approach makes for a much happier and long-lasting relationship all round. This is demonstrated by the strength of our relationships with clients such as Cheshire Police, the Air Transport Action Group, and the Nickel Institute.

If you agree that our long-term approach is a better way to make your website work for you, why not come and have a chat to us? We’d love to hear from you.

About the author

Lee launched Leeds-based digital agency L33 in April 2018. Lee is a Microsoft certified digital specialist, and has worked in the web design industry since 2000. He is highly experienced in building complex and engaging sites using the latest technology. Since starting his career Lee has worked with some large multi-national clients including Ford, NHS and Cheshire Constabulary. In launching L33 he aims to bring a fresh new approach to digital design, development and branding.


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