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New Aviation benefits website launched

Driving innovative web design for ATAG

We’re really proud to unveil the new Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) website which launched this month. We’ve really enjoyed working with ATAG for a number of years, as we developed their original website in 2014. Design trends in websites move fast though, so it was time to give the site a complete overhaul.

We at L33 like to think of designing a website as similar to designing a car. You build the engine first, which drives everything else. In our case this would be the CMS (Content Management System) which as with all our sites is built in Umbraco, as we believe it gives the best functionality, security and hosting. Just like a car’s engine, you can get a cheaper option, but you may find you soon breakdown a little further along the road if you haven’t invested in something reliable.

Once you have a reliable ‘engine’ in place, the real fun starts. From a basic reliable run around to a high-performance supercar, the design of the site can be as simple or as complex as you like.

In the case of the new ATAG website, we have had a great time completely redesigning it, making clever use of white space for a clean modern feel, creating a more intuitive layout for easier navigation and a better user experience.

Just like a car needs petrol, a website needs fresh content to keep it moving forward, so we edited all the copy and improved all the images to make the site clearer and easier to digest.

We used the style of the Benefits Beyond Borders Report to inform the design, ensuring good brand consistency was maintained and the corporate identity was adhered to throughout the website rebuild.  We have also improved the bounce rate significantly in the past month since the site launched.

The previous ATAG site was award-winning, gaining an EVCOM Clarion Award for Best Website in 2014. We hope the new site will be even better than the last, strengthening the brand and becoming the ideal vehicle to drive forward clear compelling communications.

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Lee launched Leeds-based digital agency L33 in April 2018. Lee is a Microsoft certified digital specialist, and has worked in the web design industry since 2000. He is highly experienced in building complex and engaging sites using the latest technology. Since starting his career Lee has worked with some large multi-national clients including Ford, NHS and Cheshire Constabulary. In launching L33 he aims to bring a fresh new approach to digital design, development and branding.


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